Xenesta is piloted by two brothers with a shared vision and passion to help people be the best they can be - to live empowered through knowledge tools and extraordinary products that enhance and transform lives!

Shawn's 30-plus years in corporate operations, business development and leading corporate teams coupled with Dr. Kyl's unprecedented career as an author, educator and inventor of "America's #1 Best-Selling Brain Health Supplement" have led to a strategic partnership that sets Xenesta apart as a mission-driven company delivering value in ways never seen before.

Shawn Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Xenesta International

Shawn is a senior-level executive with over 30 years of experience in corporate operations, executive management, sales and marketing, and business development. His focus historically has been in the healthcare, emergency response, humanitarian aid and information technology industries. He has a proven ability to understand market requirements, design and build strategic solutions, coach and mentor, lead corporate teams, manage large-scale operations, and deliver the satisfaction of customers and clients.

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Dr. Kyl Smith, DC

Founder and Chief Science Officer

Xenesta International

Key to Brand Partners’ excitement and Xenesta's success is Dr. Kyl's passion to share the benefits of premier bioenergetic brain health nutrients and his commitment to select these premium-grade nutrients and botanical ingredients from around the world to formulate Xenesta's products. Dr. Kyl's knowledge and ability to bring health and nutrition products to the market is truly unique. Regarded as a pioneer in the world of natural medicine and recognized as a published researcher, scientist and author, Dr. Kyl has devoted his career to helping others naturally achieve optimal health and happiness. Of course, he is also well known as the inventor of “America's #1 Best-Selling Brain Health Supplement.”

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