Advisory Board

Scientific & Athletic Advisory Board

Mitchell A. Fleisher

M.D., D.Ht., D.A.B.F.M., Dc.A.B.C.T.

With over 30 years of experience practicing the gentler art and science of integrative medicine, Dr. Mitch Fleisher is a double Board-Certified Family Physician specializing in classical homeopathy, nutritional and botanical medicine, chelation, bio-oxidative and bio-identical hormone therapy, and anti-aging, regenerative medicine. Dr. Fleisher has served as an active member of the clinical faculty of the National Center for Homeopathy. At the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center and the Medical College of Virginia, he has filled the role of clinical instructor where he has taught homeopathy in the introductory complementary medicine programs. He lectures both in the United States and internationally on classical homeopathy and nutritional therapy to both medical professionals and the lay public.

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Aaron Gumm

DC, D.PSc, BS: Psychology, Anatomy, Health Sciences

Having competed at the collegiate and world levels in track and field, Dr. Aaron Gumm's passion has always been health and human performance. Dr. Gumm has worked and participated in virtually all layers of the modern healthcare arena. Starting with Fortune 500 Company Novartis Pharmaceuticals, he helped teach doctors across the country the importance of medical nutrition versus high-risk intravenous methods. This in-depth experience in the Western medicine system resulted in Dr. Gumm's passion and purpose to innovate and ultimately improve preventative and wellness healthcare methods for doctors’ practices.

Dr. Gumm is a graduate of Parker University in Dallas, Texas, where he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree in 2007. He specialized in spinal corrective and wellness care for four years before integrating innovative, multi-disciplinary services into his practice.

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Michelle LaMasa-Schrader


Dr. Michelle LaMasa-Schrader is the founder and owner of Soul*Tree Transformations, a mind-body medicine practice in Covina, California. She is a member of the scientific advisory board for Recall Healing International, a facilitator of Recall Healing, and a researcher of Recall Healing and mind-body medicine. Dr. LaMasa-Schrader works with individuals educating them about the source of their illness and teaches skills by which individuals can access their internal wisdom for self-care and transformation. She holds Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies and a Doctorate in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University. She is certified through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and holds certificates in Neuroemotional Technique and Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is an adjunct professor with the Academy for Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, as well as at several other colleges and universities.

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Rick Ivone Jr.

Rick Ivone, Jr. has worked in the health and fitness industry for the past 25 years as a certified personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, author, speaker and founder of Executive Diabetic, LLC. His mission and passion both personally and professionally have been to help others create an extraordinary life through inspiring positive lifestyle changes. Mr. Ivone always says that "health starts in the kitchen," and a world of extraordinary individuals are eternally grateful for his simple but powerful fitness and lifestyle plan.

As a celebrity fitness trainer, Mr. Ivone’s clients have ranged from professional athletes to high-profile business executives to the regular health-seeking individual over the years. Mr. Ivone is an extraordinary leader living his life by example as a 20-year veteran with the “positive-lifestyle challenge” of being a Type 1 diabetic.

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Tom Pledger


At the age of 13, Dr. Pledger began his journey into natural healthcare as a patient. After years of chronic illness, he asked his father to take him to a doctor practicing nutrition. Getting well was a seminal moment in his life, and wellness became his passion. He earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana University in 1990 and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Parker Univeristy in 1993.

Dr. Pledger owns First Care Pain Relief and Wellness in Richardson, Texas, where he has practiced wellness-based chiropractic and nutritional support strategies for musculoskeletal conditions for 24 years. His advanced, post-doctorate study and expertise include nutrition, orthopedics and neurology. In his busy practice, he is sought after as a wellness practitioner who is trusted by elite level athletes, martial artists and fitness professionals.

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Bruce Collie

Two-Time NFL Super Bowl Champion

San Francisco 49ers

Bruce Collie is a former NFL offensive lineman and two-time Super Bowl Champion with the San Francisco 49ers. As a two-time Kodak All-American while playing at the University of Texas at Arlington, he was drafted in 1985 with Jerry Rice and blocked for both Joe Montana and Steve Young. His eight-year NFL career also included playing two years with the Philadelphia Eagles where he met his beautiful wife Holly.

As a 40-plus-year athlete, Mr. Collie's career was entirely dependent on his health. As an amateur bodybuilder and professional football player, his #1 priority was to innovate and master a diet, nutrition and exercise program to always maintain a prime, athletic body condition. After his retirement from the NFL, Bruce started a family with Holly. They have 13 beautiful children together.

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Holly Collie

Professional Model

QVC, Joan River's, Alfred Angelo Bridal, and Michael Christopher

Holly Collie is a former professional model whose credits include QVC's Joan River's personal model, a fit model for Alfred Angelo Bridal and hair model for Michael Christopher. With a modeling career spanning more than 10 years, Ms. Collie also represented as Miss Sunkist Natural and Miss WIP Radio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She met her husband and two-time NFL Super Bowl Champ Bruce Collie while he was playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

As a professional model, Ms. Collie's job required her to have a well-maintained diet, nutritional habits and fitness regimen. In an industry focused on looks, her years of modeling for magazines, on the runway and on TV ultimately served her by setting healthy lifestyle habits that helped her in her transition from professional model to professional mom.

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