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Why Dr. Kyl Smith Created Xenesta International

Dr. Kyl Smith

Dr. Kyl's commitment and passion to utilize Premier Internationally Researched Bio-Energetic Nutrients and Botanical Ingredients to formulate MemoryWorks was the key to Xenesta's success from the beginning.

The "why" behind Xenesta has been called "the perfect scenario" for a home-based business opportunity anchored in today's robust Cloud-Based technology.

Inspired from all he learned inventing, patenting and marketing “America's #1 Best-Selling Brain Health Supplement.” authoring the Brighter Mind® book, and providing Continuing Education lectures for Doctors and nutritionists across the USA, Dr. Kyl built the MemoryWorks® formula for his own family, friends, and colleagues personal use with the goal and intention of creating the "best brain-health-drink on the planet.

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At Xenesta our mission is simple... To help people to be the best they can be - to live empowered through knowledge, tools, and extraordinary products that enhance and transform lives!

We strive to accomplish this mission through educational tools, and videos that show the current science about "brain healthy diets," plus how to exercise to improve mental performance, and which science-based nutrients are beneficial to add to your diet to support healthy brain function.

Science shows that a healthy mind is key to living an empowered life! Most people recognize the brain is the master organ that controls and regulates every system in the body. To the degree your brain is healthy and vibrant, you are very likely equipped and empowered to have, manifest, or build a healthy body and vibrant productive life. It's just a matter of knowing what to do to reach your goals, and that's where our educational tools and videos come in!

Dr. Kyl Smith

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